Monday, September 29, 2008

Welcome to my blog

Hi, welcome to my blog. I am trying my hand at blogging for the first time so please bare with me.

I have a shop on which is a wonderful place to find handmade, handcrafted items to fit every families needs. My shop is htt:// I hope you visit my shop for all your chainmaille jewelry needs.

I have been doing chainmaille for 8 years, I started in 2000. I love chainmaille and making my items. I have sold many pieces at renaissance fairs, craft shows, and on other web sites.

I hope you enjoy your shopping experience at

Feel free to leave a comment on my shop.



Sygnet Creations said...

for a brand new blogger you are certainly on the right track. I see that you learned quite fast how to add all the fun stuff to your blog.. Looks great.. I did want to tell you that the 'p' in http:// of your website is missing. When you add it the link should become clickable =)

If you need a thing let me know

Kaleidoscope Korner said...

wow, at least you figured out that slideshow! im still trying after more than a month now;) looking good hon!!!