Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hubby's Fishing Trip

I have been feeling kind of down lately what with the holidays and all. So I thought I would write a poem to cheer my self up some. Hubby went fishing with his brother and this is what really happened.

Fishing The Hard Way

Twas the night they went fishing
Both pick-ups were packed.
Steve drove the Chevy,
The boat was attached.

Joe drove his Ford
in case of trouble you see,
Two drunks going fishing,
looked like trouble to me.

They took all the gear
they needed taht night.
They drank so much booze
their brains weren't to bright.

Out on the water
they'd wait for a bite,
They made so much noise
All the fish took a hike.

As the temperature dropped
the booze went down faster,
getting back to the dock
was all they could master.

They backed up the trailer
into the pond knee-high,
the boat has got loose
as if saying bye, bye.

Steve jumped in the water,
swam after the boat.
The truck rolled on backwards,
Joe was sure it would float.

Bill arrived with his big-rig
to help these two guys,
he was laughing so hard,
he wiped tears from his eyes.

A chain and hoook
for a line and a lure,
they fished for the pickup,
and catch it for sure.

They stood on the dock
these silly old men,
when out of the pond
came the Chevy S-10.

The moral of this story
For all who will see,
two durnks want to go fishing,
don't give them your keys.

Steve is my husband and Joe and Bill are his brothers and sadly this is a true story.

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Jennifer said...

OMG, That is TOO funny. lol I am rolling over here. The best part is that it is a true story. lol